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Shipment From Sky a company that provides courier services and international deliveries, and wish to provide all kind of services for international Logistics shipping services

Shipment From Sky will do her best to remain competitive in the range of international shipping products and prices Shipment From Sky offers you her insurance services for each shipment , It is the customer's responsibility to demand an insurance policy.

Shipment From Sky Offers value-added services in order to meet your needs in worldwide shipping such as pick-up request , delivery notice and special carefor each shipment.

Shipment From Sky will send you all necessary shipping docs and port charges to your e mail before payment will be done.

Shipment From Sky has many years of experience in the field of shipping, including: sea / air and courier, We will take care of the your shipment . our process starting from receiving the sender's details and ending with follow up until receiver got the shipment.

Our terms of payments is by credit card – until 10000 Nis you can pay by 3 payments with your credit card without commission or to pay by bank transfer.

Payments the are not depend on us such as : storage, demurrage, port fee,maman storage and other surcharges of any authorities are not on our responsibility .

Days of arrival are on the courier /shipping companies only.

The Charge weight (physical weight or volume weight ) is on the shipping companies that we use for your shipment There is no claim on the part of the customer regarding the weighing charge.

All service claim that Caused by the shipping compnies we use will be handle with them only.

We will do our best by giving you the best tools and services with them.

Shipment From Sky believe that cooperation with her customers will get Satisfied customers.

Thank you for choosing us!

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